What are the basics of workers’ compensation that everyone should know?

If you’re still not familiar with the realities of workplace injuries, you need to know that they do occur, that too way too often than you perceive. In the year 2020, 6540 died due to job-related illnesses and accidents. This implies 3.8 per 100,000 full-time injured employees in the US. Nevertheless, insurers and employers are always on the hook for life-altering accidents. The insurance companies paid a staggering $14.3 billion in combined losses or 84% of the total premiums of 2020.

Are you someone who is injured in your workplace? If yes, you should be aware of your rights and the benefits that you enjoy. Since workers’ compensation laws vary from one state to another, you should know a few things before submitting a claim. 

Your employers are responsible for paying for workers’ compensation insurance

This is one of the facts about workers’ compensation that most employees are unaware of.  their employer is responsible for offering workers’ compensation insurance that covers their benefits.  If the employer doesn’t provide workers comp insurance,  the employees may sue their employers for negligence and take them to the court. In most states,  it is mandatory by law to provide workers’ compensation coverage to employees.

Workers’ compensation benefits are restricted to specific circumstances

You can only receive workers’ compensation benefits when you:

  • Have been injured in your workplace
  • Have been injured by an illness at your workplace
  • Have contracted a work-related disease

In case your illness or injury occurred outside of your workplace, workers’ compensation benefits will not cover your medical expenses or other damages.

You need to take prompt action while filing a claim

If you understand that workers’ compensation insurance will pay off your medical expenses and lost wages,  it is mandatory for you to file the claim as soon as you can. Each state has regulations for a workers’ compensation claim that every worker needs to follow. If you don’t file your claim within a certain span of time,  your claim might be denied.  So, whenever you experience pain or injury that was a result of your workplace,  spend no time filing a claim to keep your options open.

Having workers’ compensation insurance can help things get better between employees and employers. Workers can pay off their death and medical bills with the benefits that they receive from their employers. Make sure you don’t speak anything with your Insurance Company unless you have spoken things with your attorney. 

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