Six Factors to Consider Before Buying Pool Ladders

Getting in and out of a pool should be smooth and done effortlessly. Also, it should be completely accessible to the elderly and even pets. And for that, you need to invest in good quality pool ladders that will compliment your style and taste and keep your family safe. There are different types of ladders to choose from that can maintain the uniformity of the pool and provide you with the benefits of a practical accessory.

So, if you consider installing them in your pool, check the following factors.


Needless to say, the pool ladder must fit the pool. If your pool doesn’t have a ladder installed, look for grooves in the pool that will guide you to the ladder’s size. Also, ensure that the ladder is safely bolted to the pool surroundings. You may find some ladders to be concreted in that might be complex in the case of existing pools.

Usually, pool ladders have two to four steps. However, you may customise it to any size you need. If you have a free-standing pool, you would need a ladder to get up and into the pool. So, make sure that the ladders are safe and sturdy. You don’t have any worries with above-ground pools as you already have the decking around.


Plastic resin: Plastic resin ladders are highly durable and require low maintenance. However, these can be bulkier than their steel or aluminium counterparts.

Aluminium: Aluminium ladders often have better stability than other materials like resin and plastic. Also, aluminium is lightweight and offers adequate support making manoeuvring easy into the pool.

Steel: Steel ladders have a sturdy frame that makes them durable. However, these are heavy and can be a more expensive option.

Height and width

It is essential to check the height before buying a pool ladder, as it might be tall enough to scale your pool walls. You can adjust the height of most ladders to keep them flush with pool walls.

The width of the pool ladder can also make a lot of difference. Wider ladders offer more stability as their anchor points are wide apart. Plus, wider stairs are more comfortable climbing than narrow ones.


Putting too much weight on the ladder reduces longevity. So, you must know how much weight a model can take. In the case of most brands, you know the amount of weight they are rated for; hence, do your research and get the right one for your needs.


For any pool equipment, safety is a key concern. And you cannot overlook the stability of your pool ladder. You must know that wobbly steps can cause risks. So, consider the ladder’s weight and design. Also, check the handrail for additional support. You may also inquire if the weight is enough to offer you stability as you enter the pool.


You must emphasise the durability of pool ladders before the purchase. A good pool ladder must withstand rust, chemicals, and people’s weight. With proper care, cheap ladders can last a few seasons. The expensive ones can last about five seasons. However, it may last less than that if you don’t be careful with its use.

Installing a pool ladder improves the accessibility to your swimming pool and can be an affordable alternative to in-built steps. Also, it can give you a lot of flexibility, so you can place it anywhere you want. However, you should be aware of cheap models and shoddy installations, which might increase risks. Therefore, shop around and check for sturdy models that will last you long.

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