How to Tell the Difference Between Abstract Art and Lazy Art

What makes a good piece of abstract art? Generally, it is powerful, engaging, and inspiring. Abstract art doesn’t have to be realistic, and it can be inexpensive. A good piece of abstract art is made with intention, and has control and quality. Bad abstract art lacks these things. Here are some tips to separate the two. You should also know how to spot lazy art and abstract art.

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Painting portraits requires intent. The artist has a specific intention in mind when he or she begins. While some people paint without any thought, the intent is still apparent. In a portrait, every mark is carefully placed with a purpose. Painting abstractly requires a lot of control of values and edges, and a true abstract artist knows exactly what they want to achieve. Artworks by lazy artists are often uninspired, with minimal intent and no intention.

Abstraction can challenge authoritarian narratives. It challenges the notion that art must have a narrative. Modernist critics have tried to rewrite the meaning of abstract art. They would like us to view abstract art as playing with formal principles. This is a mistake, and modernists have sought to make us believe otherwise. While abstraction is a good thing, it has its limitations.

Abstraction art came about because artists were trying to get away from traditional realism. The first abstract art movements, like cubism, were gradual. Artists initially tried to move away from realism by making paintings that were translucent. Eventually, this movement led to the evolution of modern art and the rise of abstract art. Today, you can find abstract paintings everywhere. You just have to know how to spot them.

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