How Disney Taught Us Important Life Lessons from Its Classic Tales

Disney films contain wonderful teachings for children, and we all learned them during the early years of our life. However, as we grew older, we stopped learning those lessons and began to view Disney movies as being too optimistic for children funnyjok. Disney films may be aimed at children, but if we take them seriously, they still have relevance today and will continue to have it in the future.

Therefore, the Disney films that we analyze here are some films that teach us important life lessons that we may have missed as children but that are crucial to comprehend now. To watch these films all you need is a good TV service and for that, we suggest you check out RCN Channel Lists. RCN TV is a reliable service that comes with a great channel lineup.

Beauty and the Beast

We can learn a lot from the story of Beauty and the Beast. It teaches us that true beauty comes from within and that it’s inappropriate to make snap judgments about someone’s appearance. Additionally, it tells us that we shouldn’t take pride in our appearance. The other underlying message that we get now is that reading helps you become more open-minded and nonjudgmental thestyleplus.

101 Dalmatians

This animated film may have seemed simple to young viewers, but it shows how harsh and vicious people can be to animals nowadays. When Perdita gives birth to 15 puppies, the fact that they are being sold solely to pay for a fur coat reveals to us the true nature of people. The film teaches us that we should love animals. We also learn from this movie that if people behaved as animals do, the world would be a much better place.


Aladdin tells the story of a boy named Aladdin who longs to wed princess Jasmine when he comes upon a Genie who requests a wish from him. Aladdin eventually makes a wish, at which point he understands that wishes never do come true. He then stops hoping and begins acting. Aladdin’s desire also teaches us that life is about more than just money and materialism. In addition, Jasmine’s character teaches us to be brave, and rebellious, and to stand up for what is right.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

In the end, only those who have a pure heart and are fair to others triumph, as shown in the animated film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, which taught us how jealousy can cause someone to destroy lives. While this lesson may be intended for children, it teaches us that strangers should not be trusted since they may pose a threat to you.

It also reminds us that humanity is still a part of the world. We learn about how strangers such as the seven dwarfs stand ready to assist Snow White and her own stepmother is trying to kill her.

Finding Nemo

The movie “Finding Nemo” teaches us, among other things, to keep swimming in the face of apparent hopelessness. The phrase “Keep Swimming” demonstrates to us the importance of perseverance in life. We can learn from this movie to not be overly guarded, to not be afraid of life, and to let things flow in addition to never giving up hope. Reliving prior traumas only makes life more challenging.


The film Pocahontas is pro-feminist and offers us a lot of lessons. Pocahontas is brave, rebellious, and open-minded when she is to marry a valiant warrior. The movie shows us that true love is impartial and colorless. It also teaches us that love is intended to be transcendent of all racial, religious, and familial backgrounds and not materialistic.


In the film UP, an elderly widower named Carl embarks on a journey in his flying home in pursuit of Paradise Falls, the place of his late wife’s dreams. Carl discovers that it is never too late to embark on an adventure or explore new places. The movie argues that the present moment should be what matters and that time and age are only societal constructs. When your heart is in the right place, age is only a number.

Lion King

The Lion King is the film that instills the “Hakuna Matata” way of thinking and teaches us not to worry about what is unavoidable. Since life is difficult, it teaches us to be at peace. The fact that life is difficult should never lead you to suffer, and it also reminds us that choosing happiness is a decision. You should be responsible for your own happiness because no one else will make you happy.


We may learn to push ourselves outside of our comfort zones from the movie Tangled. Rapunzel discovers that the world is full of possibilities as she exits her tower and sees the outside world. Additionally, we are taught that not everyone accepts us for who we are and that some people merely desire us for their own gain.

Peter Pan

The Disney film Peter Pan makes a point about growing up. It teaches us that maturing is inevitable and that accepting the fact that one day we will have to mature is necessary. The film tells us to embrace change since it is unavoidable and to live in the present. It tells us that everyone needs to learn to stop over worrying about themselves and learn to face the real world when the time comes.

Final Thoughts

Even though we assume these Disney films are intended for children, watching them again helps us to understand the underlying themes and messages that we missed as children and must now learn as adults. Watch the Disney films again and learn a lot you didn’t know previously if you haven’t gotten the message from them yet.

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