Different Type Of Flies Found In The United Kingdom

There are around 1 lakh twenty thousand kinds of fly species in the world and they are just the ones you know about. Fortunately, only certain of these species are seen in the United Kingdom, and lesser than them live in the surrounding our homes.

Most of the flies found in the United Kingdom have similar traits, but many species differ in their looks, what gets them attracted and the methods that are required to repel or remove them.

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Is your property facing problems with fly infestation? With the help of this guide, you can easily classify the flies that are present in your home. Read the article to know how to prevent and remove the infestation around your home.

Bluebottle Fly:

Bluebottle flies are very much similar to the size of the common houseflies, but can also be identified by their metallic blue colour. They have big eyes that are red in colour and a wing that is transparent with a tan or white coloured larva that resembles tiny grubs.

They are very common in most continents that include America and Africa, however, you will find them easily on the walls and windows of your home. During the winter season, these flies come in search of warmth in your home. Blue bottle flies are attracted to decaying flesh that might be present on the walls and attic in your home.

You can prevent your home from these flies by keeping the window and doors shut for as long as you can or investing in screens that are insect-proof.

Autumn Fly:

The female autumn fly is very similar to the common housefly and the male flies have orange coloured abdomen with stripes in black. The female flies are 6 to 7 mm larger than the male flies. They fly around your home, but mostly are found around the nose and eyes of animals like horses or cattle.

They get into your home to work on their hibernation and seek out houses when they sense the supply of food. You can use insect-proof screens and keep your house closed.

Cluster flies:

Cluster Flies are 6 or 10mm in size most of them are bigger than the common housefly. The thorax is in dark-grey-olive colour with hair that is golden brown colour. They get differentiated because of their overlapping wings while they rest.

These flies enter the top layer of your house so you can find them in your attic. On winter days that are sunny, these flies turn very warm and travel to the light which is why you find them dead close to the window. You can use fly killers or pesticides to keep them away from your home.

There are plenty more that you can find around your home, but the best way to get rid of them is by having the right Fly screens in your home.

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