Bundle of popular hemp items

Hemp is a plant in the family Cannabaceae, native to Central Asia and spread to East Asia, India and Europe. It has a tall, thick, vigorous stem. The harvesting period is 3-4 months.

Hemp is a plant in the Cannabis sativa family. L.subsp. Sativa differs from marijuana in that the leaves are slender, narrow, and arranged quite apart. Yellowish green and the stem is higher than cannabis, found to have low THC content but high in CBD (Cannabidiol), which has anti-inflammatory properties. Reducing muscle spasms help antioxidant, including omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and vitamin E, four types that help nourish the body. Hemp is widely used in medicine, food and cosmetics. Which is becoming a trend that is popular all over the world.

 Hemp is rich in nutrients and minerals. Antioxidant Relieve inflammation and control the amount of oil in the skin to be balanced. It reduces the cause of acne breakouts and contains Omega 3 to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin within our skin layers. Reduce wrinkles. Make your skin healthy, moisturized, soft and pleasant to the touch.

In addition, the research found that It also has properties to protect skin cells from UVA and UVB rays, the leading cause of skin deterioration. Ready to help reduce acne fade dullness, redness, and dark spots. Make the skin look radiant, naturally radiant. Collect your products from CBD shop.

In the beauty industry, hemp has been developed for further development until it becomes a perfect new ingredient between cosmetics and hemp extracts with THC values ​​that are not more than the law. Able to create various products, including Skincare, Haircare and Personal Care.

Hemp Seed Oil Micellar Water 

A makeup remover with a powerful blend of 5 hemp seed oils, rich in omega 3, 6, 9 and 4-rich nourishing oils to help hydrate the skin. Revitalize dry skin. And soothe the skin to make it look healthy, look healthy, remove makeup, long-lasting, even waterproof makeup, no need to rub, so it does not cause wrinkles. It does not dry out the skin, does not leave residue on it, is gentle, fragrance-free and alcohol-free, can be used even around the eyes and lips, and gently wipe clean. It is available in CBD shop.

Toothpaste Natural Hemp Seed Extract

Hemp toothpaste, natural formula, mainly concentrated, helps inhibit bacteria that cause bad breath. It helps reduce plaque, tartar and the cause of gingivitis Without destroying the natural balance in the mouth, thereby reducing bad breath problems. Ready to protect the gums and prevent tooth decay effectively. It gives a feeling of a clean, fresh, relaxing mouth after using it, clean and fresh. Gentle on the mouth.

 Hemp Seed Oil Relief Expert Acne Mask

Hemp masks are worth trying. And also suitable for people with acne skin. Which contains hemp seed oil extracts to help repair, moisturize, and restore acne-prone skin—a special concentrated essence mask from Derrida. The formula for clear skin without acne reduces acne scars. With the value of hemp seed oil, this is another must-have item.

Omega Poreless 5X Intensive Mask 

Full mask sheet with five times serum to take care of dull, tired, dry and sensitive skin problems. Revive and soothe skin from tiredness. Dryness and reduce irritation to come back to look lively, strong, and moisturized, you must try.

Duo Grow Eyebrow 

A long, bouncy mascara with hemp seeds. Swipe and bounce as much as possible. It also helps nourish the eyelashes in the body as well.


Hemp items like lip balm from hemp seeds. That helps make the lips soft and moist. There are two types to choose from—no colour/change colour. A quality CBD shop will give you best products.

Hemp Seed Oil Truly Matt Bright Powder SPF30 PA++ 

You pressed powder with foundation with sun protection. It provides smooth coverage and gives the skin a beautiful matte finish while maintaining a natural radiance. The texture of the powder gives a soft, smooth and light touch. Combined with Silica, a large number of porous particles. It helps absorb excess oil on your face to make it matte for a long time. It also helps nourish the skin from hemp extracts and hyaluronic acid. Keep up the maintenance.

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