BTS x Asian Game Changer Awards

Are the Asian Game Changers Awards going to honor BTS? Let’s find out! The awards celebrate the achievements of different figures, organizations, movements, and cultures. The nominees were chosen through a judging process that took into account the impact each person has on their communities. The winners will be announced at a virtual gala ceremony on May 5.

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In addition to being an internationally popular group, BTS has become a significant voice in the Asian music industry. Their fan base has contributed to their success, and many fans have influenced the world in positive ways. In recognition of their contributions to music and social issues, the Asia Society awarded BTS with the Asia Game Changer Award for 2020. The group will be presented with the award for their efforts in inspiring fans and abolishing discrimination. You can also click here for more information. Read more about

Aside from BTS, the Asian Game Changer Awards have also celebrated a number of Asian leaders and artists. These include Chinese cellist Yo-Yo Ma, South Korean musician BTS, and the founder of Alibaba, Joe and Clara Tsai. The awards will honor these people, as well as the transformative efforts they have made in Asia and around the world.

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