4 Questions Dog Parents Frequently Ask on the Usage of Sunscreens

Are you wondering if your dog needs sunscreen? If so, the answer is yes!

Dogs are prone to sunburns, other skin, and health complications like humans when exposed to the sun. This is why you should take a few safety measures when venturing out on a hot day with your pet pooch.

One of them includes buying sunscreen formulated for dog use. Don’t ever apply sunscreen made for humans to your dog because it can contain potentially dangerous ingredients like zinc oxide or para-aminobenzoic acid.

The above sunscreen constituents are toxic to dogs if consumed, so store them in places inaccessible to your puppy. Also, consider purchasing the best pup insurance so that dealing with unanticipated pet health situations need not be an arduous task.

Puppy insurance equips you with a medical financial backup, so it is easier to handle unplanned vet bills. Contemplate buying a pet policy. Meanwhile, read this article for answers to four FAQs on dogs and sunscreens.

1.Do all dog breeds need sunscreen?

All dogs are vulnerable to heat and therefore require sun protection, so they are less likely to be sunburned during an outing on a hot day. White and light colored dog breeds with short coats, including Boxers, Greyhounds, Dalmatians, and Pit Bulls, are more susceptible to damage due to extreme temperature than dogs having darker skin and thicker coats.

Irrespective of your dog’s breed and coat, most vets advise using sunscreen on puppies during summer.

2.Do dogs need additional protection apart from sunscreens?

If you want to take your puppy out during peak hours of the sun, consider suiting up your puppy in accessories like shirts, bodysuits, coats, and hats to block ultraviolet radiation. You can also check out dog goggles that help protect your puppy’s eyes from the harsh sun. It greatly helps if your puppy is diagnosed with eye conditions.

3.How do I apply sunscreen to my dog?

Test the product by applying it to a small area on your puppy’s body and check for reactions. You can use it over your puppy’s body if there are no adverse reactions. Also, be careful while applying it to your puppy’s face; it shouldn’t get into the eyes.

After application, allow your puppy to soak in it for a couple of minutes. At the same time, watch your frisky pup so it doesn’t lick off the applied lotion/cream.

4.Any extra measures to be taken?

While it’s a brilliant idea to add sunscreen to your puppy’s summer skin safety routine, you should take extra care to guard your puppy against heatstroke risks. So, provide plenty of fresh water and shady areas to keep your puppy cool on hot days.

It is worth noting that sunscreen doesn’t assure your puppy a safety shield against skin cancer. One of the simplest ways to keep your puppy away from the sun’s harmful rays is not allowing it to roam outside between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. Despite all the preventive care, you should consider being financially prepared with the best pup insurance to cover your fur baby comprehensively.

Puppy insurance helps lower unexpected pet health expenditures, so you should consider buying a policy. Plan ahead of time so that providing your puppy with quality health care is within reach.

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